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The United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL), which operates in 24 states, is the nation’s largest amateur ice hockey league. The league is comprised of more than 600 teams, with players spanning from 6 to 21 years of age. Overall, the USPHL has had hundreds of players advance to the collegiate level; with even more advancing to professional ranks in the NHL and around the globe.

The USPHL Premier Division places more players into NCAA college hockey than any other Tier-3 program in the U.S. With 68 teams operating in 2021-22, the league offers players team options from California to Maine and south to Florida. Divisional play keeps travel to a minimum, while players also take advantage of playing in heavily-scouted showcases in Boston and Chicago, among other locales.

Players on all USPHL teams receive extensive on-ice training, as well as a lengthy regular season schedule, to further develop their skills. Additionally, players participate in off-ice training to develop their strength, speed, and agility. These training programs are run by top-quality strength coaches and trainers and mirror those used by NHL and NCAA teams.


What’s more, our programs go beyond the on-ice experience to include education, leadership and community service to help foster a complete student-athlete.

Buffalo Stampede join the usphl for the 2021-22 season!

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