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July 1, 2022

National Collegiate Development Conference (NCDC) Expands to National Brand in 2023-24 with the Creation of a Western Division


National Collegiate Development Conference (NCDC) Expands to National Brand in 2023-24 with the Creation of a Western Division

The United States Premier Hockey League is pleased to announce that the National Collegiate Development Conference, its Tuition-Free Tier-II Junior Division, will welcome six new members for the 2023-24 season, expanding to a national footprint by adding the Utah Outliers, Ogden Mustangs, Pueblo Bulls, Provo Predators (formerly the Provo Riverblades), Northern Colorado Eagles and Idaho Falls Spud Kings; to create the NCDC West Division.

“When entering the USPHL, the intentions of our Mountain Division were to always play in the Tier-II National Collegiate Development Conference. To date, the group’s operations have been first class and their vision to build the NCDC into a national brand are shared by myself, our Executive Committee, and our membership,” stated Bob Turow USPHL Commissioner.

“The Mountain Division's six teams will compete at the Premier level for the 2022-23 season and use the year to prepare for the jump to our tuition-free NCDC Tier-II level. Over the next 12 months, the organizations will strategize on their recruiting efforts to attract the nation’s next group of NCAA Division I players,” Turow went on to say.

Sean Wilmert, the Owner of the Ogden Mustangs and a leader in the process of the NCDC’s expansion westward, had this to say about this newfound opportunity. “This is a big day for young players chasing their dreams of playing NCAA hockey in the Western United States. The door to accessing Tier II Tuition-free hockey is now open to thousands of young players in the Western US, allowing them the opportunity to play closer to home. With this announcement, the NCDC West Division will be the westernmost Tier II Junior A Division based in the Continental United States.”

The NCDC is Your Pathway to College Hockey advancing more than 80 players to NCAA Division I institutions in the past two season and having 3 NHL Draft choices in the 2021 NHL Draft. Prospective athletes interested in earning a spot on an NCDC squad can do so in one of two ways. In May 2023, the NCDC will hold its annual Draft, selecting players from the 2006/2007 birth years, while players from the 2005 birth year and older can be tendered by an interested NCDC organization.

More information on the National Collegiate Development Conference and playing opportunities can be found at With the addition of the NCDC West Division comes many new and exciting opportunities, not just for our new organizations, but our 14 successful teams in the NCDC Eastern Divisions. The United States Premier Hockey League will continue to work with its NCDC owners over the coming months to leverage its national growth, providing all its athletes the best experience both on-and-off the ice, in Tier II Tuition-free hockey. Stay tuned to and all its social handles for the latest news, updates and announcements regarding the 2023-2024 NCDC season.

The United States Premier Hockey League congratulates the Utah Outliers (, Ogden Mustangs (, Pueblo Bulls (, Provo Predators (, Northern Colorado Eagles ( and Idaho Falls Spud Kings ( on their acceptance into the NCDC for 2023-24.



Buffalo Stampede join the usphl for the 2021-22 season!

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